We Clean London’s Most Demanding Industry

We know time is money. Your money. Therefore we act quick.

We are AF Cleaners London. We serve the fashion industry with its many offshoots. We offer reliability, effectiveness, flexibility, and above all – confidentiality. We understand and appreciate the pressure our clients work under, so we try to help them in any way possible.

Are you looking for a cleaning company that provides solid, no excuse, fully confidential and discreet service in London? You just found it. The name is AF Cleaners London.

Our founder Miriam Doiran has many years in the cleaning industry both in a field and managerial role. Setting up in business offering excellent cleaning services became a must-do on her list of priorities. She witnessed and experienced first hand the cleaning needs of large and small fashion companies (and brands) based in London’s Soho and the West End. Unfortunately she did not think that those clients received a bespoke support service and they needed it badly. With a ton of urgent appointments made and re-scheduled, the cleaning agency had to be extremely flexible in order to satisfy the huge and growing demands of the London Fashion Industry.

Then the idea of a specialised cleaning company catering exclusively to the needs of the firms in the fashion business was born. Very soon after that the dream became reality and AF Cleaners London was born.

To be continued next time…

P.S. Busy times ahead – London Fashion Week. It’s coming home 🙂